Uptrend Of Modern Calligraphy

Uptrend of Modern Calligraphy

The art of beautiful writing has been infiltrating everywhere over the past year – everywhere you turn you most likely see various forms of cursive script. Shop front signage, marketing campaign slogans, greeting cards, wedding invitations and many other places.  Letterforms and fonts have quite often been replaced with modern forms of calligraphy.  This natural flowing use of letterforms has appealed to many and seems to be the new trend by many when choosing a script.  What do people like about modern calligraphy?  What is the appeal?  Many say that just looking at an envelope, invitation or even a poem written in modern calligraphy immediately gives a very elegant and sophisticated feel with a touch of modernisation with various sizes, bouncing letters and large curving flourishes.  What’s great about modern calligraphy is that there are very few rules when creating this script which means that the different variations and personalities that come through the script are endless!


Anyone and I mean anyone can learn this beautiful way of writing and there are a few places in London that offer workshops – Babooche Calligraphy being one of them. See the ‘Workshop’ section for further details.  With all the technological ways of communicating these days together with the fact that most spend their day in front of a screen it is wondrous to see that writing on a piece of paper with a dip pen is trending up.  It is a reflection on how the art of crafted goods remains and if anything, is resurrecting.  Not everything needs to be made with a 3D printer or heavy machinery.

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