Learn Handwritten Calligraphy

Tired of spending your working week in front of a computer screen?  Why not have a go at learning a new creative skill like modern calligraphy with a dip pen or brush?  Babooche Calligraphy offers beginners modern calligraphy workshops in London WC1X.  These handwritten calligraphy workshops are held in a relaxing and fun venue in London.

Modern Calligraphy Workshops with Babooche Calligraphy

During the Babooche beginners modern calligraphy workshops you will learn the fundamentals of modern calligraphy and how to use a dip pen or brush and ink to hand write beautiful calligraphy and shapes.  At a Babooche modern calligraphy workshop you will start off by learning and practising some basic strokes before moving into the lower case alphabet and then capitals.  Excited yet? 

Learn in Small Workshop Sizes

As Babooche modern calligraphy workshops are limited to 4 spaces per workshop there will be plenty of opportunity for one to one instruction with the tutor and this will assist you to develop your own modern calligraphy style.  

        Modern Calligraphy Workshop Price

The cost of each Babooche modern calligraphy workshop is £50 and this includes a Babooche modern calligraphy starter kit to take home with you together with light refreshments. 

 Book A Modern Calligraphy Workshop Place

To book your place on one of our workshops in London WC1X, please click on the link ‘Book Now’.  Hurry as spaces fill up fast!

If you are unable to make any of the Babooche modern calligraphy workshops but still interested in learning this beautiful creative skill, we offer private tuition either one-to-one or for groups of people and this would suit those looking to organise a corporate event or even a hen party.  Please contact us by email and we will be happy to organise a mutally convenient time and place.


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