We are so pleased to be able to offer a very unique service to compliment our calligraphy and illustration skills. To add extra details to your fabric based products we can machine embroider using fonts, calligraphy script and illustrations in hundreds of embroidery thread colours.  We can even take a handwritten phrase or hand drawn illustration and convert that into a piece of embroidery.

Our most popular request under our embroidery services are bespoke embroidered napkins for weddings or events. We’ve created hundreds of designs already and we can ensure that the design and colour will match with your event.


We able to embroider onto a wide range of fabrics including linen and cotton and more delicate fabrics like velvet silk. For napkin commissions we can embroider on napkins supplied by clients or provide our most popular napkins which are 100% linen.


We have a range of fonts that we can offer for personalised ribbons or napkins to our clients.  However, we are also able to take a handwritten note or hand drawing and convert that to a digital file that can then be used to machine embroider.  This means we can embroider designs such as handwritten calligraphy script, bespoke monograms, venue illustrations, handwritten phrases or notes in regular handwriting and many more designs!


We use high quality threads specially made for machine embroidery and one of our favourite brands is Simthread. We can provide a colour chart on request so you can select your embroidery thread colour.  For each embroidery design we understand that there is a need to incorporate more than one embroidery thread colour.  Therefore we are pleased to offer multi thread colour embroidery designs, however please note that there will be an additional cost for designs that require more than one coloured thread.

If you have an embroidery project in mind, please feel free to get in touch by clicking on Request A Quote below.


Silk velvet, velvet, linen, cotton & more


Silk velvet, velvet, linen, cotton & more


Cotton, linen, silk velvet & more


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