At Babooche Calligraphy we specialise in glass engraving by hand using calligraphy and botanical illustration designs for all occasions.  We can make a plain glass bottle look extraordinary with calligraphy engraved messages, names, botanical line illustrations and other lovely details.

We can engrave on special gifts such as glasses, wine or spirit bottles that you’re planning to give as a gift for a special occasion.  A message on a bottle could be for a wedding celebration and would include the names of the couple and the date of the wedding.  If you would like to give a birthday present to someone, why not have their name and age written on the bottle.  These would make a special gift and something that the receiver would be able to keep for many years to come as the engraving will last forever.

All our engraving is done by hand using professional glass engraving tools.  We do not use a laser engraving tool but a hand tool that gives us the flexibility to produce unique and hand crafted designs on glass surfaces.

We can provide a few styles of calligraphy writing to create names and messages on glass surfaces and this includes our classical and traditional style, a more modern and our signature style, and a looser more relaxed and modern style.  Please get in touch to see our calligraphy style sheet and to enquire about what style of calligraphy you would.  We can write in a basic print style as well which is not calligraphy and we can show you examples if you get in touch with us.

We love to write in calligraphy style at Babooche Calligraphy and it will give your engraved glasses a real elegant and professional look.  We have been writing calligraphy for 6 years now and we are experts at what we do.  Our calligraphy style is one of the most well known styles in our industry.

We can also create hand created illustrations on glass surfaces and this includes small details of botanical line drawings and monograms.  It really depends on how much space there is on the glass surface and if you would like an illustration included please let us know so we can work on an appropriate design.


We can write on almost all glass surfaces!  But the best surface to engrave on is smooth.  Crystal glasses with lovely facets for example would not be best surface to engrave on and we need a fairly large area, depending on the design to be engraved.  We do not mind writing on curved glass surfaces, like bottles, wine or champagne glasses, tumbler glasses, perfume bottles, vases, small jars, candles and glass plates.  In fact, these types of surfaces and curved shapes are perfect for glass engraving!  If you have something that you would like us to engrave, just get in touch and send us an image of the item you would like to engrave and we can take it from there.  If you are yet to buy your glass item then that’s no problem at all as we can advise on the best item to buy.


When you engrave on glass the normal colour is white (or a bit paler than bright white).  We can actually add a colour filler to the design that has been engraved onto the glass.  We offer colours such as gold or silver and it really does add the most dramatic and special effect to any engraved glasses design.


We are able to offer competitive pricing to all our clients who wish to commission glass engraving.  As each commission is different because of the type of glass surface, the item itself and the length of wording or type of illustration, we encourage our clients to get in touch and request a quote and then we can provide you with a bespoke quote.


We are able to offer laser engraving services for materials like glass, acrylic and wood.  This is great for items such as acrylic signage or acrylic menus.  Acrylic comes in all kinds of colours include metallic shades.  Please get in touch for a bespoke quote.

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