In addition to wedding stationery printing, we understand that individuals and businesses have different printing needs and that is why we have set up a reliable and high quality print studio in central London.  We are able to take on small or large print jobs and offer you valuable advice on the best printing possibilities for your project and cost effectiveness based on our printing experience.

We are able to print on most types of card, paper and other substrates including handmade paper, vellum, fabric, leaf & petal papers and acrylic.


We are happy to work with all kinds of small businesses and provide printing services. Our product range is wide and varied and we are able to take on bespoke print jobs too.  Here are some examples of what we can help you with:

Business stationery – Business cards, compliment slips, letter headed, planners, calendars, notebooks, journals.

Business packaging – Branded tissue paper, foldable lightweight boxes, branded boxes hardback boxes, jewellery packaging.

If you’re interested in discussing your printing project, please feel free to get in touch by clicking on Request A Quote below.


Amun Jewellery


A type of relief printing where the design, together with ink is pressed onto the paper and creates a de-bossed effect.  The result is a texturised and tactile impression and gives a unique feel. Blind de-bossing is also possible to create an impression with no ink. We letterpress everything by hand on our antique Arab press.  We create each of our designs digitally and that is etched onto a polymer plate which is then placed on the press.  The inks we use on the press are hand mixed and come in an array of colours!


Hot foil printing involves using a metal plate and sheet of metallic foil that is pressed with heat into a piece of paper.  This produces a de-bossed effect into the paper and a shiny metallic finish.  We create each of our designs digitally in vector format which is then etched into a thick sheet of magnesium which is then placed onto our hot foiling machine. The design can consist of any text, script or illustration. Metallic foil colours include gold, rose gold, silver and copper.  We can also foil in matt coloured foil colours too like white, black and red.


Digital printing is flat printing and the most common type of printing.  It is what most people can do on their home or office printers.  There is no de-bossed effect with digital printing.  Digital printing can be created in black or full colour.  This is the most cost effective method of printing and can be done on all paper types including handmade paper and different thicknesses of card. It’s very effective to combine digital printing with other types of printing method. No plates are needed for this type of printing.


We are able or print on all kinds of regular paper and card but also some non-traditional substrates.  Please take a look below for further details.  If you cannot see what you’re looking for then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your printing requirements with you.


We use GF Smith paper & card and there is a range of colours and textures to choose from. We have the collection in our studio which you are welcome to pop in and flick through. We offer different weights such as 135gsm, 175gsm, 270gsm, 350gsm, 540gsm, 700gsm. For papers heavier than 350gsm we can offer duplex or triplex printing.


Our standard handmade paper colour is off-white and 320gsm. We also offer handmade paper in a few colours such as white, ivory, light grey, blush, pale blue, sage, clay and dusty rose. Every piece of paper has been produced by hand with a deckled edge finish and therefore no two sheets are the same. This is the beauty of handmade paper!

Vellum wedding menu with illustration


A very popular type of paper that can be used for a variety of purposes. There are a few different weights, light, medium and thick.  Vellum can be used as the main sheet for your printing project or a layering sheet with a printed pattern or illustration. It’s also very versatile and strong so can be used as belly band.


We are able to print on a few different fabric types either digitally or using letterpress. 


We can digitally print onto clear, coloured or mirrored acrylic in colour. This is a premium service and available for clients who have a small or large print quantity.  


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