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Modern Calligraphy Course

We are now offering customers a unique way to learn calligraphy from the comfort of your home or office.  We have developed a comprehensive pre-recorded calligraphy course that is suitable for beginners and improvers.  We are confident that with the contents of this course and plenty of consistent practice you will be able to write modern calligraphy well.  Each module has been designed to target a key skill area and you will find dedicated worksheets to complete during the module and a homework sheet to consolidate your practice.  This will help you develop a good habit and routine of practice and stay accountable.

To purchase our 11-module online course in modern calligraphy please click here where you can purchase.

We also sell modern calligraphy workbooks, starter kits and guidelines pads to accompany the course.  You can view these below in our shop and purchase.

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Calligraphy Practice Guidelines



Modern Calligraphy Kit



Modern Calligraphy Guidelines Pad

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