You can now learn modern calligraphy through our online calligraphy workshop from anywhere with Babooche Calligraphy.  We now offer two types of online modern calligraphy workshop.  Learn how to make your own calligraphy fonts by joining one of our online workshops.

The Babooche Modern Calligraphy Workshop is now available in a digital format and can be accessed from a laptop, smartphone or tablet.  Learn the beautiful art of writing calligraphy online from the comfort of your home or whilst on-the-go and create some fabulous projects.



Babooche Calligraphy workshops has taught many students the art of modern calligraphy from their London studio over the past two years and Babooche Calligraphyis very excited to launch this new e-learning resource.  The great thing about modern calligraphy is that anyone can learn and it’s a fantastic way of creatively expressing yourself through your writing.  Teaching and writing modern calligraphy is something we are very passionate about and our aim is to teach as many people this wonderful art of modern calligraphy.  Babooche Calligraphy always strives to provide the best learning experience through demonstrations of techniques and exercises.  Babooche Calligraphy wanted to create a workshop for those unable to come to their London studio but still provide a great e-learning experience and make it feel like you were learning in-person.


By practising and experimenting with your new calligraphy skills that you will learn during an online workshop you will start to create different calligraphy fonts.  These can then be used on your lovely projects including birthday cards, quotes, poems and so much more.  Modern calligraphy is great because there is no set design on how your script should look.  This is why there are so many different types of modern calligraphy script out there.  Each modern calligraphy has their own style which they have practised and individualised.  This is also how you create calligraphy fonts.


Babooche Calligraphy has partnered with Workshop – a London-based start up dedicated to creating better ways of learning online.   

The team at Workshop are experts at using research-based methodologies to improve the way we learn by using technology.  The Modern Calligraphy workshop with Babooche Calligraphy is made up of 4 modules and you will be guided through step-by-step.  You will have access for life to the online calligraphy workshop content.


Calligraphy Workshop London runs live online workshops to enable you to learn modern calligraphy from the comfort of your own home.  These are run regularly and each attendee will be sent a modern calligraphy kit before the workshop date that they can use.  There will opportunities to ask questions through the online platform throughout the session so you can receive instruction and guidance from the tutor.   You will learn how to use your calligraphy supplies and most importantly where to buy more from.  You will receive advice on next steps and how to progress your calligraphy journey.

The Online Modern Calligraphy Workshop will be live and fully interactive.  The workshop will be hosted on Zoom which is a very easy platform to use.  There is no subscription or account registration required in order to access the workshop on Zoom.

We host our online live workshops on a regular basis so you will always find an opportunity to learn this wonderful skill.

Use your modern calligraphy skills to create beautiful lettering for all kinds of projects including gift cards, place cards, quote posters and much more.




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